Storytelling for Change Agents

Give words to the world you wish to see.

Guiding a Transformation means inspiring crowds of people year after year, to change their habits as well as their thinking. It means bringing to life the ‘nightmare of the old ways’ while continuing to paint the hopeful future in vivid colors. Learn to apply proven practices and principles of powerful storytellers to get both stakeholders and developers behind your ideas. 

“Agile transformations are stories we need to keep telling each other.”

Boris de Jong, Agile Trainer and storyteller

The Agile transformation usually launches from a burning platform: a clear and present danger to escape from. Time to market frustrates; competitors nip at the heels, customers complain; workloads bring colleagues to despair.

Fighting ‘change fatigue’

Five years into the journey however, with most of the low-hanging fruit harvested, people tend to forget what it was that brought them to seek the change. Losing sight of the urgent why, teething problems and confusion concerning the how can rule the day – leading to ‘change fatigue’ and a desire for the old command-and-control. How do you keep the ‘nightmare’ fresh to keep the dream alive?

Storytelling for Agilists gives you the tools and insights you need to craft a transformation story that feels personal, tangible and desirable. You’ll learn to apply the tried and proven principles and practices from iconic storytellers to make your audience’s eyes come alive with your idea.

What you take with you

• Learn about the powerful ‘warterslide’ framework to guarantee a compelling, convincing story;

• Illustrate abstract concepts such as high-performing teams, technical agility and strategic alignment from an earthly, human perspective;

• Tailor your narrative to specific audiences;

• Utilize compelling literary instruments such as powerful metaphors, story hooks and narrative logic.

Who should join?

Anyone who must charge an audience with energy and purpose: specifically, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and SAFe RTEs.

This is for me!

Are you ready to lead the crowd towards your vision?