Copywriting for Storytellers

Good copy is short copy – to write is to trim. Until you need only seconds: to grab attention, to tell the story and to convince the crowd. How? That’s what this training brings. We start with a surprisingly simple framework for convincing storytelling; then dive in with clean-cut theory and practice you can apply to your video scripts, ad copy or elevator pitch, as well as long copy for articles and papers.

What we’ll do

This two-day training (split into four mornings in four weeks) gets you going either with your own content or with original, entertaining assignments (Sell an appartment on Mars! Define the word ‘bandersnatch’ in the most convincing way you can!). You get have your work reviewed by your fellows and learn a lot from each other; speak your work out loud to hear the rhythm flow and get the timing just right. Get to work on outrageously bad writing, to learn from the worst out there.

What you take with you:

  • Writing inevitable pieces with the waterslide framework
  • Use iron logic to steer the reader
  • Writing for the Call to Action
  • Inform versus convince
  • Using metaphor, alliteration, cadence and other literary styles
  • Using signal wording and chocolate lettering to aim your audience.

About me

Hi, Boris de Jong here. Copywriter in a wide range of media for over 15 years. From white papers to voice-overs and from posters to speeches: I’ve seen them all. I also put down strategic narratives for clients: Stories to keep them top of mind for years. As a trainer I’ve been known to be an engaging storyteller, with a crystal clear style of teaching.


  • Date: See Calendar
  • Investment: €400
  • Duration: 4 lessons, 1 morning a week
  • Locatie: Online or on location
  • Language: English or Dutch, depending on participants
  • Voor whom? Anyone who wants to write crystal clearly
  • Lesdag: Wednesday
  • Lesson hours: 09.30 – 13.00